Gen Art Hack Party Toronto 2015

The event is over! You can still check out all the incredible work the participants created over the course of the day. A huge thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered. See you all next time.

The Second Gen Art Hack Party Is Here.

Gen Art Hack Party brings together artists and technologists to spend an intensive day building generative art.

Artworks will be created in Javascript using libraries such as Processing.js, and three.js. They will all run in the browser, and will be featured and archived on this website.

Although we have "gen art" in our name, participants are not limited to generative art alone. This is about visual culture, viewed and shared online. We're inspired by work like this and this and these and this and these

We encourage experimentation, iteration and openness. In the spirit of collaboration, your work will be projected on the walls throughout the event. Artists steal: build off the code of your fellow hackers, and share your own for inspiration.

Gen Art Hack Party is inclusive. Although some experience programming will be an advantage, we welcome participants at all levels. The first GAHP's audience choice winner had never programmed before.

We will have workshops the evening before the event: beginners will learn Processing.js, experienced coders will learn three.js. Then, on Saturday we hack all day until our opening party in the evening.

You can see the archive of the First Gen Art Hack Party here


The full event is now sold out!

Don't despair, there's still room at the afterparty. Come out to see the works, and have a drink with us.

Registration is available here, register now before it's too late!



Friday April 24, 2015 Workshops starting at 7PM


Saturday April 25, 2015 Doors and breakfast at 9AM, hacking from 10AM-7PM


Saturday April 25, 2015 The opening party starts at 7:30PM


The Gen Art Hack Party is taking place at the Whirlscape offices in downtown Toronto. 176 John Street, Unit 300, next to Grange Park


Gen Art Hack Party is organized by Xavier Snelgrove, who is also teaching the three.js workshop. The event is powered by software, motivation, and good vibes from Severin Smith. The Processing workshop will be taught by Chris Olsen. Delicious food and drink coordinated by Ceda Verkabel. Thanks everyone!

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!


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