Gen Art Hack Party


Welcome to the Hack Party! We've collected some resources that we think you might like. If there's something you think we're missing, send it along to and we'll add it here.

References and tutorials

  • MDN Canvas Tutorial An introduction to scripting the canvas element directly, no need for libraries!
  • Canvas specification Not for the faint of heart: this is the raw specification of the canvas element. I wouldn't use it to learn, but it's a great reference
  • MDN WebGL portal Collection of resources from the Mozilla Developer Network on using WebGL



Paper.js is a framework for Javascript vector graphics based on the Scriptographer environment. It provides a document-object-model approach, in which visual objects in your scene are mirrored by code objects. They provide a good set of examples which can be used for inspiration.


Processing.js is a port to Javascript of the hugely popular Processing language for visual programming.

It has been recently adopted for the Khan Academy computer science program, which is a good resource for beginners.

I am not a huge advocate for the language, its main advantage is that people already familiar with Processing can easily get started developing in-browser skeches. However if you fit this description then feel free to use it!


three.js is a popular library for doing 3d in Javascript without having to deal with as much low-level grittiness as you would in raw WebGL. If you're fairly advanced, and want to play with 3d at the Hack Party, this will make your life much easier.


D3 is the go-to Javascript data visualization library. If your pieces are data driven definitely worth a look. Created by Mike Bostock who now does data visualization for the New York Times.


Raphaël is a Javascript library simplifying vector graphics work, specifically for the SVG element

Browser-based inspirations

More Gen Art links

These are great examples of generative and interactive art, not all of these run in the browser, but they're all great projects by great people