Gen Art Hack Party

Gen Art Hack Party

Gen Art Hack Party is an upcoming art and technology event taking place in Toronto. We're bringing programmers with visual savvy together to play with new dynamic web technologies, and make cool art!

Gen Art Hack Party will be a fast-paced lively environment where everyone is encouraged to have fun, collaborate and create.

As Picasso says (probably) "Great Artists Steal". With that in mind, completed works will be projected for all up on the big screen throughout (and archived on this site). Talk to each other! Code together! Steal and be stolen from.

What's Gen Art?

Generative Art, or Gen Art, is a visual art form typically realized on computers. The artist creates (often very simple) rules by which the piece is generated, and complex emergent structure comes out from those rules. For inspiration see some examples such as these or this (or this page itself).

The schedule

Workshops: Friday Feb 15

Arrive at 7PM. (At capacity)

Main Hackathon: Saturday Feb 16

Arrive at 10AM. Hack to 7PM. (At capacity)

After party: Saturday Feb 16

Arrive at 7:30PM. Party 'til 10. (Registration here)

The location

This event is taking place at the World Headquarters of TinEye at 223 Queen St. E, Toronto, Canada..


Gen Art Hack Party is being organized by Xavier Snelgrove, a Toronto researcher and developer who's been making generative art as long as he's been using computers. Now that it's getting more and more accessible, he's looking forward to sharing this with others.

Jen Dodd has provided much advice and coordination Jen has worked in science outreach and education, event design and theoretical physics. She believes in working on Things That Matter: projects that will make it better to be alive in 100 years than it is today. Her current project is Maker Faire Toronto

Leila Boujnane and the good folks at TinEye have been a huge organizational support and fantastic sponsors. Thanks guys.

A big thanks to Severin Smith for stepping up to help run workshops!

Finally a big thank you to our volunteers: Cheryl Hsu, Alex Hong, Maria Lioutaia, Rachel Lane, we couldn't do this without you!

You can contact us at