It's Time For GenArtHackParty #004

August 4/5, 2017


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GenArtHackParty brings together artists and technologists to spend an intensive day building generative art that runs in the browser.

The event is over: see the completed pieces!

Artworks will be created in Javascript using libraries such as p5.js, and three.js. They will all run in the browser, like the piece you can see at the top of this page, and will be featured and archived on this website. Past GenArtHackParties are archived: #001, #002, #003

We encourage experimentation, iteration and openness. In the spirit of collaboration, your work will be projected on the walls throughout the event. Steal from each other. We encourage it!

GenArtHackParty is inclusive. Although some experience programming will be an advantage, we welcome participants at all levels. We've had two of the audience choice projects come from people who wrote their first ever line of code at the GenArtHackParty

We will have two streams of workshops the evening before the event: beginners may have never coded before, or never coded visually, experienced code artists will learn advanced techniques. Then, on Saturday we hack all day until our opening party in the evening.

Photograph of past event
Photograph of past event
Photograph of past event
Photograph of past event
Photograph of past event
Photograph of past event



Friday August 4, 2017 Workshops starting at 7PM (doors 6:30PM)


Saturday August 5, 2017 Doors and breakfast at 9AM, hacking from 10AM-7PM


Saturday August 5, 2017 The opening party starts at 7:30PM. Presentations and prizes take place during the party.


This year's GenArtHackParty is in the beautiful 918 Bathurst Arts Centre, just north of Bathurst subway station.


GenArtHackParty is organized by Xavier Snelgrove. He also teaches the advanced workshop, which will be on raytracing in WebGL with distance functions.

Tess Sutherland will be teaching the beginner workshop in p5.js.

Nathan Whitford of Urban Visuals will be designing the space so that your projections look amazing.

Claire Freeman-Fawcett is coordinating volunteers, day-of operations, and is also your friendly bartender!

Partners & Sponsors


4th year running! TinEye are huge supporters of the community, we couldn't do it without you <3

Urban Visuals Bolt Solutions

Contact us for opportunities to support tech + art in Toronto.